• Four levels of djembe classes
  • Classes in balafon, dunun, kora, singing, shekere, and krin
  • Drum-maintenance, building, blinging, re-heading, and tuning led by Tom Harris
  • Open community drumming under the moon and stars


  • Two levels of dance classes
  • Percussive dance instruction on Duns
  • Free morning yoga classes
  • Massage and healing arts practitioners
  • Grand Finale talent show and concert
  • Guinea-style folklore celebration

Wildacres Retreat, Little Switzerland, North Carolina

Monday, May 4th through Sunday, May 10th, Yearly


You are invited to come and experience the warm, high-energy sense of community created at the annual Kumandi Drum and Dance Camp. Join long-time attendees and first-time friends to create an inviting atmosphere of fun, play, learning and togetherness in the spirit of West African drum and dance. Enjoy a full week immersed in the community, music and culture, or come for a shorter time – various packages are available.


The experienced and highly talented staff of instructors is brought together by Julie & Andrew Moore, with the support of Chuck Cogliandro of Kumandi Drums, to satisfy everyone from the beginning beginner to the advanced-level participant.


This event sells out quickly after registration opens, and has been very highly regarded, . . . don’t miss out!


  • All classes 90 minutes long. Click link to view 2019 Class Schedule
  • Rental drums are available.
  • A deposit of $100 per person is required to hold your space.
  • For cancellations up to April 1st, all but $50 of the deposit is returned.
  • After April 1st, no refunds, except for health emergencies.


All of this takes place in the natural spring-time beauty of Wildacres Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway northeast of Asheville. All accommodations are in very comfortable, double-occupancy hotel-style rooms with private bath.  Delicious family-style, dining-hall meals include vegetarian and vegan options.


Adults/Teens, Arrival
     Monday 6PM $740
     Tuesday 6PM $690
     Wednesday 6PM $635
     Thursday 12Noon $610
     Thursday 6PM $580
Youth, AGE 6-12, Arrival
     Monday 6PM $425
      Tuesday 6PM $395
     Wednesday 6PM $365
     Thursday 12Noon $350
     Thursday 6PM $335
Children, Age 3-5, Arrival
     Monday 6PM $260
      Tuesday 6PM $230
     Wednesday 6PM $200
     Thursday 12Noon $185
     Thursday 6PM $170
Children, Age 0-2 Free
Daily Commuter  Limited
     Adult Per Day $85
     Age 6-12 Per Day $60
     Age 3-5 Per Day $45


Mail Checks To:

“Community Sound” at PO Box 175, Tigerville SC, 29688

What People Are Saying About Camp:

“Joy! Amazing teachers and drumming experiences; meeting new friends and connecting with old friends; enjoying the wonderful vegan food; reconnecting with nature at Wildacres.”

“The community and acceptance of everyone. Felt very welcomed and the learning was wonderful.”

“I really didn’t know what to expect since it was my first time to go to a drum camp. I felt it was an amazing exposure to so many things! Truly enjoyed the overall experience!”

“The attendees and the instructors. How well everyone accepts and helps each other. It is a real family.”

“Much new information to work on & practice over the next year.”

“Drumming fun and challenges and the best people anywhere!”

“Where the Takosaba dunun and sangban fit together.”

“Aside from better drumming skills, a better understanding of West African culture.”

“If you are not getting what you hoped for, just ask!”

“The teachers were inspiring and dedicated, and the drumming community (participants) were friendly, welcoming, and fun.”

“Krin threw me into the deep end because I had never played it before, but I managed somehow!”

“The folklore celebration really helped me find a love of the dance and how it fits with the drums. I have never been a dancer, but now I want to be one.”